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Development alternatives

To expand business options, we are working on partnerships with Fapemig – Research Support Foundation of Minas Gerais – and Fapes – Research and Innovation Support Foundation of Espírito Santo. The agreements are being brokered by INDI (Minas Gerais Integrated Development Institute), aiming to foster and fund the production of expertise in the areas identified by Renova Foundation, while creating and bolstering technology research efforts, by insourcing experience gained in the recovery process. The aim is to map out opportunities for working together, especially to identify ways of using the tailings for economic gain. There already are experimental projects to produce blocks for surfacing and even pilot plants in Santa cruz do Escalvado and Ponte Nova producing bricks for civil construction.Barra Longa Square, for example, was built with bricks made from tailings.


Bricks for civil construction (Renova Foundation's Archive)

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